When there is someone high up in power, who is out of reach to heed to a common man’s problem, satire becomes the best tool to show unhappiness. The idea of mocking someone who is responsible for the upliftment of masses fail to do their jobs, mocking them has been an age old way of making them realise their incapability towards achieving what they were supposed to for the people and the society with the position and the power they have been entitled with.

An image could give a better meaning to a particular happening or a situation aptly than…

In 2019, the people of the country protested against the injustice exerted on them and basically ‘settlers’ who have been a part of the Indian culture for decades. Interestingly this protest was nonviolent and very peaceful, yet achieved to make the bold statement that it intended to. The sole means taken to make that statement was ART — Graffiti, Street art, installations and posters.

A picture says a thousand words and when thousands of pictures culminate at one point to show a focused gesture of solidarity against oppression or stands up for a section of people who need representation, all…

Nirkhunan Kuppuram

communication design kid.

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